The pathetic goons who call themselves “The Boogaloo Bois” and others of that ilk failed to show for their planned Capitol takeovers. They chickened out because the U.S. Government showed…

I am a Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal recipient, so give me that respect. Respect that I know something about military service above and beyond some who haven’t been ordered to risk their lives in a hostile environment. …

What surprises me is: people are surprised by this?

What else surprises me is: people are still spewing rubbish with the effect of “US democracy can not be defeated so easily.”

What doesn’t surprise me? Law enforcement officers were complicit. U.S. Senators and Representatives were complicit. The President was complicit.

What needs to happen?

  1. A declaration of war (with an offer of amnesty) against any and all domestic organizations and individuals who espouse “white nationalism”, “the boogaloo” or “white power.”
  2. Outlaw unregulated (as in “not supervised by the state”) “militias.”
  3. Regulate electronic mass media: apply punitive measures for internet publishers that facilitate the spread of disinformation.

What will surprise me: if the incoming administration will rise to the level of aggression needed to counter this gang of Brownshirts.

Divine retribution: I remember attending to evangelical preaching and doctrine, hearing how our Nation was at risk of incurring the wrath of God because of various things tolerated in America. The AIDS epidemic was a clear-cut case, and abortion would be the certain downfall.

But now, today, August 26, 2020…

Paul Snyder

60 years of life kicking my ass ... it's gotta be worth something.

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