Divine retribution: I remember attending to evangelical preaching and doctrine, hearing how our Nation was at risk of incurring the wrath of God because of various things tolerated in America. The AIDS epidemic was a clear-cut case, and abortion would be the certain downfall.

But now, today, August 26, 2020, Evangelicals have had their way for four years, and what does God have to say? God has spoken very clearly about your administration, Evangelicals: a plague of coronavirus, economic disaster, a freak windstorm destroys the crops, freak lightning storms set the land ablaze, devastating tropical storms, and now hurricane Laura to destroy the Gulf Coast. From your own doctrine, Evangelicals, you should wake up to God’s call for repentance.

“Repent? For what sin? Have we not honored you in all things, Lord God?“

Blasphemy. Blasphemy. Blasphemy. You have spoken praise, IN GOD’S NAME, of the most profane, dishonest, scoundrel.

Repent, Evangelicals. Repent, America. Away with the profane man!

60 years of life kicking my ass ... it's gotta be worth something.